About Art in the Open Philadelphia

About Art in the Open Philadelphia

Art in the Open (AiO) brings the action and intrigue of artists making their art directly to Philadelphia's Schuylkill riverbanks for three days in May. Here, free to all audiences, selected artists work with brushes, cameras, sewing machines, pens, and hammers, to respond to this historic and environmentally unique local setting. The public is invited to walk among the artists and observe their process of creation and craft up close. Park visitors can also make their own art at select locations along the riverbank path and join in related events offered by a wide partnership of the city's cultural organizations.

AiO celebrates the Philadelphia landscape as both inspiration and as an open-air studio for artists. For three days each Spring, from Fairmount Water Works to Bartram's Garden, AiO will explore the natural beauty and urban character of the Schuylkill River: where West Philadelphia separates from Center City and thousands of people enjoy a beloved recreational park of paths and views.

Illustration: AiO 2011 artist Carole Loeffler

Photograph © 2011 Brad Jamula

Event Location

Event Location

Art in the Open Team

Art in the Open 2016 team includes: Deenah Loeb, Executive Director of City Parks Association (CPA), and Lead organization for AiO; Luke Butler, AiO “Family Day” coordinator; Genevieve Coutroubis, Director of Regional Community Arts Program at Center for Emerging Visual Artist (CFEVA), Lead coordinator for artists selection; Karen Young, Executive Director; Chionne Williams, Associate Director; Dionne Watts-Williams, Communications & Special Events Manager; Bria Wimberly, AiO Special Projects Coordinator - The Fairmount Water Works (FWW).

AiO acknowledges founding team members: Ed Bronstein, artist; Deenah Loeb and Mary Salvante, Karen Jenkins, program, web and social media coordinator; Doug Meehan, webmaster. AiO has been developed with and informed by input from our extraordinary volunteers, organizational partners and of course, the inspirations shared by all AiO artists.

AiO is made possible through the generous support of program sponsors - The Schuylkill Banks; City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy; GoPhillyGo (Clean Air Council); Philadelphia Parks & Recreation; Schuylkill River National State Heritage Area.

Volunteer Opportunities!

We offer four categories to get involved:

A. Visitor Services and Artist Support

B. Event Photography and Video Documentation

C. Family Day Support (May 14th: 9-12pm or 12-3pm)

D. Special Program Support (limited openings)

Dates/shifts available: May 13, 14, and 15th. 9-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-6pm.

You may include a first and second choice for a different job preference, or a work day/shift.

To sign up: please send your contact information, your first and second choice of working dates/shifts and job preference (A, B, C or D) to aiovolunteercoordinator@gmail.com