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Philly Tech Guide

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If you are looking for the right place to invest for your tech startup in the wondrous land of the USA, perhaps, you’re looking for the Philly. The sixth most populous city of the United States – Philadelphia – has emerged as a tech hub as well.  Presently, it hosts more than 1500 startup firms belonging to different technology niches. Some of the predominant entrepreneurial tech niches that combine to form a diversified tech culture include SaaS, digital health sector, edtech, and, the most dominant one – biotech.

If you wonder what this city has for you, and why you should consider investing here, then let’s take a look at some of the prominent attractions of the city.

Why Philadelphia?

The history of Philadelphia dates back to 1600s. Certainly, having a technology-based entrepreneurial setup in a place that holds historical heritage adds some sense of aesthetics. Despite being a historic location, the city has managed to adopt modernism as well to stay on top of the world’s best cities. Presently, numerous Fortune 500 companies and five Fortune 1000 firms have established themselves in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The single site flaunts itself as a multi-diversity tech region that hosts everything from a biotech giant to a VPN Pennsylvania service.

Philly enjoys a central position in the economic growth of Pennsylvania. The city not only boasts itself as a corporate hub but also exhibits tremendous educational potential. More than 100 recognized universities authorized to grant professional degrees. The Greater Philly area also has a few medical schools and tens of nursing institutions. This makes the place desirable for new firms as they will be receiving professional, skilled, and trained workforce from this area.

What’s more?

What’s interesting about Philly is its modesty. Despite being a big, well-established city, it never takes this as a matter of pride. Rather you are likely to get a small-town vibe from this area. With this, you are likely to see an ever-thriving tech sector in the city where the people are always ready to help you make your dreams come true.

Another point of attraction in Philly is its affordability. Certainly, with an affordable range of housing markets, the area seems to be the right choice for the tech entrepreneurs. It also has an ideal and strategic location from a business point of view, as it links with NYC and DC. With such a strategic location, Philadelphia rightly deserves to be the center of technology as it offers tremendous exposure and more chances of vertical growth to the businesses. The city presently has stepped into all major tech niches, with particular focuses on B2B SaaS tools. Nonetheless, the entrepreneurs are also launching diverse technology businesses to exploit the corporate and consuming power of Philly.

The Right Place to Start

In short, ​Philadelphia is one of those exquisite places in the United states that harbors a favorable ecosystem for technology and technopreneurship. The area is not only suitable for the well-established tech companies to launch their presence here, but also serves as the right place to start a thriving business for the startup entrepreneurs, providing you everything needed for it – more customers, more partners, more talent, and more growth.